To best trial our course lessons download the app from:
Te Pūmanawa - The Māori Language and Culture Mobile App.

Individual or single licence (one person) - $199.95.
The Te Pūmanawa mobile app contains two separate programs:
Te Reo Taketake: A Māori Language Course for Beginners and Te Ao Māori: The Māori World.

This mobile app has innovative ‘m learning’ state of the art technology with fun, educational interactive games and quizzes and may be installed and used on any mobile device (smart phones, ipads, tablets, lap top and desk top computers). There are no formal assessments or online tutoring provided with this package and you receive a 12 month licence to learn Māori language and culture at your own pace and in your own time. The two e-books above are available from this website at an additional cost.

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Te Pūmanwa - The Māori Language and Culture Mobile App.

There are three packages for this licence:

PD Package 1 - $199.95 (single or less than 50 users)

PD Package 2 - $149.95 (between 50-100 users)

PD Package 3 - $99.95 (more than 100 users)

This package does not include the e-books.This professional development package is especially designed for organisations, businesses who wish to up-skill their staff and employees in Māori language and culture. With this PD package your organisation will receive a 12 month licence of the mobile app for each of your staff members. There are no formal assessments or online tutoring provided with this package but for an additional cost, organisations may purchase the e-books separately (see below) as well as their own Learning Management System to monitor and assess their own employee’s progress in this program.

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This licence is designed especially for the needs of our teachers and students (pre-school, primary and secondary) to help them learn the Māori language and culture through fun, interactive activities and cutting edge, touch-screen technology. Both teachers and students can use the mobile to learn individually, or in a class-room environment on any mobile device. For teachers who wish to assess their own students and monitor their progress, at a glance, we can provide them with their own Learning Management System and control panel at a discounted cost, with up to 30 student log-ins.  There are two packages for this licence:
  Individual Teacher or Student Licence - $99.95 (for single user and personal use only)
  The V.I.P Teacher Resource Licence- $999.95 (for 1 year licence @ $33 per student) or $799.95 (for 2 year licence at $26 per student)
  This package is designed especially as a teacher classroom resource for up to 30 students, with 30 log-ins to the mobile app. A unique feature of this package is that the teacher receives access to the Learning Management System (LMS) through their own control panel which allows them to monitor, grade and assess their students as well as a master copy of the e-books as a teacher training resource.

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